Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating forever, but our lives are really busy, and we can't get together and make these comics much.

So, to keep on from dying from anticipation, Alex is going to put up a few comics that he made. Now, he didn't take any of the photos are do any of the art, but he made the jokes. Which aren't that funny. Sorry.

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Sorry about the lack of new comics... We'll try to make some soon. Alex has relatives over (PLEASE KILL ME!) and Jess doesn't have the stock images. Alex'll try to make one if he has the time. I promise it will be terrible.


(The mouse's name is Del Toro, after the director of Pan's Labyrinth, which kicks ass.)

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Our Comic of the Day

Peh, Alex and Jess have been busy with MCAS, so forgive us if we're lazy or don't update for a while. Today's random fact is:
- Panda ("Bob") is based off of Panda from pixipets. But our panda isn't as cute.

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Off to a good start....

Hey all! So, we're off to a good start, but we're hoping that someone might volunteer to make a layout for us? We'd like one that could fit our comic without have the page need scrolling. Thanks a mill'.

Anyway, here is a little piece of trivia for you. I'll try to give one about every day or so.

- The crab's name is Pierre.

Keep checking in for more comics and news!

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Hey everyone! We just opened, so as a treat, we're going to upload a few new comics! Enjoy!

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