The Writer Name: Alex K
Age: 16
Sign: Capricorn

Likes: Fluffy things, movies that are confusing until the end when everything is wrapped up and you're like 'oh yeah I get it now.", sexy guys, rainbows, sparkily things, fall, pretty things, reading books, poking fun at stupid people, latin, psychology, philosophy, hanging with friends, listening to music

Dislikes: "lady parts", stupid people, people who are bad at grammar, people who over analyze everything, people who hate English class, people who aren't considerate of others, snow, advertisement banners, spam (the 'food'), spam (the mail), taking notes in classes

Music: Panic! at the Disco, Dresden Dolls, Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, Vanessa Carlton, Eminem, Linkin Park, Beethoven, Dashboard Confessional, Hoobastank, The Killers

Movies: Girl Interrupted, Pan's Labyrinth, 10 Things I Hate About You, Rocky Horror, Kill Bill v1, RENT

Interesting Facts: Alex's birthday is on World Orgasm Day. Alex is an actor who is looking at possibly going out for bigger things (-hinthint-). Alex is a writer and has written one full play, and numerous short stories. He won an award for his short story "The Shortest Distance".

Influences: Cyanide and Happiness, Pixipets, various stand-up comics, Ms. Relihan

DeviantArt Account

Name: Jesse William Fee Hastings Slonka
Age: 15
Sign: Taurus

Likes: Jokes, Movies, Lisa (My GF), Latin, My best Buds

Dislikes: Being Miserable, Movies based on books that the movies suck

Music: Cake, Apologetix, some Fall out boy, Some country, Weird Al, Most "hippy" music

Movies: Kill Bill v1, The transporter, pans labyrinth, the number 23

Interesting Facts: Jesse can DM over 5 roleplaying games, Currently writing a book, Can fit a doorknob in his mouth, Knows the difference between "popping happy pills and injecting them"

Influences: Alex, My D&D players, Mike (from phoenix games)

Links: MySpace